Jeferson Marcelino

GeTTogether Project

GeTTogether ProjectThe project where the purpose is to employ a design process to discover, design, develop and deploy a solution for a problem using design.

The objective of the project is to work into a concept that can be developed into both a conceptually and aesthetically cohesive system for a social problem that you are interested in throughout the semester.

Relationships are very important parts of our lives. However, many individuals with disabilities live within their communities, often unheard or unsee. In approaching this problem, I developed a platform that would connect people with disabilities with others in their communities to help them build lasting relationships and friendships with other community members by bringing them together through common interests.


The final book contains the entire process done throughout the semester including conceptual thinking, topic and branding development, and a proposed solution with three deliverables.


The choice of the mobile application as a deliverable is pretty solid and it is the main deliverable on this project where everything will happen till the physical interaction of individuals that is the last part of the entire process. 





The choice of the website as a deliverable is to cover all the project background, objectives, incoming events and all possible information to guide interested people to get to know more about and how to act.  The website has a platform for parents to follow closely the performance of their kids including an intuitive calendar, activities signup system, and an exclusive admin to administrate all events.